Monday, August 25, 2003

Herbie-The Interview

Herbie-The Interview
Christoph Meyer & Lisa Moster (His Mama and Papa)

Note: When this interview was conducted, Herbie was 23 months old

Question: What is your name?
Herbie: Herbie.
Q: Are you a boy or a girl?
H: Boy.
Q: Are you a baby or a man?
H: Baby.
Q: Are you cute or ugly?
H: Toot.
Q: Are you dumb or smart?
H: Dumb.
Q: Are you a Democrat, Republican or Independent?
H: no no.
Q: Can you count to eight?
H: (while dancing around with blocks in his hands), three, nine, six, seven, eight! Hold it eight! Hold it eight! Hold it eight! Hold it eight!
Q: Is your mama good or bad?
H: Good, bad...bad.
Q: Is Klee good or bad? [Note: Klee is our 160 pound puppy. He is definitely the latter.]
H: Bad.
Q: Is Papa good or bad?
H: Good, bad.
Q: Is Amma good or bad? [Note: Amma is Lisa’s mother.]
H: Good.
Q: Is Aunt Lori good or bad? [Note: Lori is Lisa’s sister.]
H: Good, bad.
Q: What are the names of your cats?
H: Clau-Clau, Sop-Sop
Q: Can you say “Thank you?”
H: ‘elcome.
Q: What’s your favorite food?
H: Cookies? Cookies! Crackers, yeah.
Q: Which one? Which is your favorite?
H: Corn. Gravy.
Q: What’s your second favorite?
H: Corn.
Q: Your third favorite?
H: Gravy.
Q: What else do you like to eat?
H: Tofu. [Note: We are shedding Vegan tears of joy. That’s our boy!]
Q: What’s your favorite animal?
H: Cookies, cookies, crackers, crackers, cow, cow, sheep, sheep, sheep, cow, cow, cow, cow, cow!
Q: What’s your favorite color?
H: White.
Q: What’s your favorite letter?
H: Two O’s.
Q: What’s your favorite hobby?
H: Red.
Q: How many teeth do you have?
H: One, one teef.
Q: Pease porridge...?
H: Hot.
Q: Pease porridge...?
H: Cold.
Q: Pease porridge in the pot...?
H: Old.
Q: How many days old is Herbie?
H: Fourteen.
Q: Mary had a little...?
H: Yam.
Q: Whose fleece was white as...?
H: ‘no.
Q: And everywhere that Mary...?
H: Went.
Q: That lamb was sure to...?
H: Go.
Q: It followed her to school one...?
H: Cool one day! Cool one day!
Q: Which was against the...?
H: Roo! A! B! C! D! Eat! Eat!
Q: It made the children laugh and ...?
H: Play.
Q: To see a lamb at...?
H: Cool.
Q: Where does mama go in the day?
H: Work.
Q: Where does Papa go in the day?
H: Chairs
Q: Does Papa work?
H: Yes.
Q: What does Papa do?
H: Chairs.
Q: Where does mama work?
H: Teeth. [Note: Mama is a dentist. Papa is a stay-at-home dad and a writer.)
Q: Could you leave us with some words of wisdom?
H: (while getting his diaper changed) Bite. No bite. Bite him. No bite him. Hug hug hug. Kiss kiss kiss.

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