Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Soil Chart

Soil Chart
Stacey Greenberg

Sorry this issue is a little late, but as usual, things are busy around here! I decided going to Journalism school was a little nuts. I was going to have to go for four years, summers included, one or two nights a week. Considering Warren just finished another eight week dig, I’m not sure how I would have even managed my first semester. So I did something that makes a lot more sense—Roller Derby! You’ll probably be hearing all about it in #14 along with the recap from the first ever Memphis Rock-n-Romp!

Enough about #14, let’s talk about #13! This issue has lots of new faces—my longtime Internet friend, Mariah Boone, has shared her conception diary with us and my new online friend, Stephanie Smith-Gieg was kind enough to share some entries from her sketchblog. I’ve also convinced Amanda Soule, creator of the craftiest blog ever, Soulemama, to tell us how to make a banging wall! Something all of your neighbors will surely want to thank me for. In other how-to news, Shiloh Barnat, thrifter extraordinaire, tells us all of her secrets. And that’s just the beginning! By the time you are done reading this issue, you’ll have your kids eating seaweed, you’ll feel smarter (thanks to Marrit Ingman), and you’ll have been to Mardi Gras (thanks to Coleen Murphy). Not bad, huh?

As always, tell your friends about Fertile Ground, send me love letters, submissions, and read my blog www.fertilegroundzine.blogspot.com. If you are a Memphian, check out my new column in Cooper-Young’s newsletter, The Lamplighter. If you’re not a Memphian, check out my essay in the upcoming Off Our Backs Motherhood issue. See you in June (or July)!

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