Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Zine Reviews

Zine Reviews
Stacey Greenberg

The Future Generation #11: I really liked this zine. It appealed to the mama in me as well as the Urban Anthropologist in me. China included a wide variety of information including a story on pregnant synchronized swimmers, the saving of a neighborhood, and an essay on being a parent to a teen. I was also very impressed by the quality of the photos she included. #12 is in the works and China says, “[It] will include a lot about going to the beach (it’s a Maryland Tradition) and a photo essay of bathing suits going back to my Great Grandmas day, a water birth story, and a Lactator (punk rock all Moms band) interview by a member’s 11 year old daughter. Kind of a “Rock me in your arms” theme (sea, birth, milk...OK, a loosely based theme).” To get a copy, send $2 well concealed cash to: P.O. Box 4803, Baltimore, MD 21211.

It’s Your Fucking Body #1, #2: I had to order these and find out what the “radical menstruation movement” involved. #1 does a very good job of making the reader never want to use commercial pads or tampons again and #2 does a great job of making the reader view menstruation in a whole new light. Marie has a great writing style and totally cracked me up with her cosine equation for figuring out one’s monthly cycle. To get copies send $.50 cents or a stamp to: 709 Alden Street, Meadville, PA16335.

Mine: An Anthology of Women’s Choices is a compilation of abortion stories from women across the country. As a new mom, it was interesting for me to revisit the pro-choice/pro-life issue. I found the stories to be empowering and sometimes haunting. And I was fascinated to learn about herbal abortion and menstrual extraction. Copies are $3.00. Contact: Meredith, P.O.B. 19136, Pittsburgh, PA 15213.

A Renegade’s Handbook to Love and Sabotage #5 is absolutely incredible. It is 36 pages of very cool drawings and honest, reflective story-telling. I read it from cover to cover and wanted more. I can tell that Ciara is a seasoned zinester and I can only hope that Fertile Ground is ever half as interesting and creative as this. I am really excited for future issues as Ciara is studying to be a midwife and trying to get pregnant! To get yourself a copy, send $3 or six stamps to: P.O. Box 100, Medford, MA 02153.

Timtum: A Trans Jew Zine appealed to me on many levels. First off, there is some great writing on being Jewish as well as an insight into what a radical Jewish movement should/does look like. Second, it opened a door into the world of trannies. It definitely serves to demystify and educate, which is cool by me. Get a copy and see what I’m talking about! Order from Pander (www.panderzinedistro.com) or email micahrebelprince@hotmail.com.

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