Monday, August 25, 2003

Zine Recommendations

Zine Recommendations
Stacey Greenberg

MAMAS UNIDAS: ALL MAMAS ALL THE TIME is a new mama zine distributor. It was started by my friend, Jackie Regales, who does the amazing zine “Esperanza.” If you want to order a bunch of mama zines but don’t want to do a bunch of transactions, check out “Mamas Unidas” at

Are We There Yet: A Zine for the Never-ending Road of Parenting by Lauren Eichelberger was a long time in the making, but well worth the wait. It is a comp zine, but most of the writing is by Lauren. It is a very thoughtful, thought-provoking zine that had me in tears more than once. (I especially loved Lauren’s essay on “Remembering.”) “Are We There Yet” includes poetry, zine, music, and book reviews, as well as video game reviews by her husband. Get a copy, you won’t be disappointed! $2 or trade, email

Caratid Rises by Gaynor Taylor is a zine that is more than likely going to make you cry and think differently. “Caryatid Rises” is a zine that focuses on women's activism in all its variety of forms. Each issue has left me floored. Issues are $3 and can be obtained on a cash-in-envelope basis from Caryatid Rises, P.O. Box 380431, Cambridge MA 02238.

Crunchy Granola Earthmama Says by Sarah Martin is a comp zine (with a great name) that covers a good bit of ground. I really enjoyed the article on “Second Hand Sustenance” (i.e. eating your child’s rejected food off the floor or even after s/he spits it out). I also dig the fact that Sarah’s son’s name is Sagan. I just reread her essay on tandem nursing and it gives me hope! “Crunchy Granola Earthmama Says” also covers children’s movie reviews, vegetarian recipes, and obscure facts about “The Waltons..” Check it out! $2 issue/$4 subscription, email Sarah at

Deep South Mouth by Coleen Murphy (a photo booth enthusiast living in New Orleans) is a fun read that always has great pictures. It chronicles her frequent road trips with her sons among other things – and can be ordered by sending $2 issue/$8 subscription to

Mama Sez No War: Writings, Photos, and Experiences by Mothers Against the War is (pardon the pun) “the bomb.” This is an incredible zine, truly. Mothers from across the country (including me!) contributed their stories of protest. This zine is a great read and it is really inspiring. My favorite part was the photo layout by Siu Loong, age 2, showing a toddler’s perspective of a protest. “Mama Sez No War” even comes with anti-war stickers. To get a copy contact

Twenty Eight Pages Lovingly Bound with Twine (28PLBWT) by Christoph Meyer (world’s greatest pen pal and only person I know other than my 96 year old grandmother who is not online) is often hailed as THE daddy zine. I don’t think 28PLBWT set out to be a daddy zine, but Christoph’s inclusion of his wife’s homebirth and his frequent essays on his son have made him a well known daddy in the zine scene. I personally was awed by his detailed description of his son’s many Wal-Mart photo shoots and the impressive collage that went with it. Christoph also writes about natural gas, water heaters, and other manly things, but his insights into parenthood make his zine a keeper. $2 issue/various subscription deals. Write to Christoph Meyer, P.O. Box 106, Danville, OH 43014.

Viva la Mama! The Radical Parenting Zine by Kara Spencer is awesome and one of my absolute favorite zines ever. Not that you can judge a zine by its cover, but #1 features Kara’s son wearing a gas mask and it is just so right on. This zine is jam packed with great stories, great information, and great mamas. Contents include: “Diary of a Revolutionary Milkmaid,” “Placenta Projects,” “Yo Mama’s Maternal Feminist Agenda,” “Freelance Fun for Freaky Families,” “Birth Power,” and so much more. Order this zine now! $3 issue/$10 subscription, paypal or write P.O. Box 28476, Seattle, WA 98118.

Yoga Mama by Kristin McPherson is really, really great. Yoga Mama supplies a lot of useful yoga information (how to do poses, book reviews, meditations, etc.) and some really incredible pictures of Kristin and her kids doing asanas. The “Boob Asana” alone made me wanna be a yoga mama! For ordering info/availability email

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