Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Travel Tips

Travel Tips
Stacey Greenberg

Sometimes I have trouble believing that we actually drove to and from California (from Memphis) with Satchel when he was two months old. (Ahhh the carefree days of maternity leave.) Here are a few tips for those of you thinking of taking your babes on the road:

1. Be nice to the driver.

2. Have a diaper changing station in the car. (We have a Honda CRV and the back is perfect for changing diapers.)

3. Plan to have someone sit in the back and act as entertainer, if possible. (Make sure baby has a mirror to look in and have lots of interesting toys of varying textures handy.)

4. Bring along some baby friendly music so s/he doesn’t have to listen to 80s punk rock the whole way.

5. If you are breastfeeding, practice getting your babe to take a bottle. (Or do some yoga so you can contort your body enough to breast-feed the baby while strapped in his/her carseat.) Take a Boppy, so you can nurse comfortably at stops.

6. Learn to find the beauty in rest areas, because you will probably stop at nearly all of them along the way.

7. Pack lots of healthy snacks and munchies so you don’t have to eat greasy/expensive fast food.

8. Accept that you aren’t going to go to hell if you decide to let the babe sit on your lap and look out the window on occasion.

9. Wear comfortable clothes and dress in layers.

10. Have fun!

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