Wednesday, January 15, 2003


Marlinee Iverson

I remember the child-haters talking about "snot nosed kids" as an euphemism for obnoxious kids. I used to wonder: “Why do kids walk around with snotty noses all the time anyway? Can't they figure it out? Doesn't it bother them?” The answers are: Because they are at peace with their snot. No. And no.

Mamas are consumed with snot. I quickly learned though that I needed to get over my snot hang-ups. I needed to appreciate it; That nice, warm, sticky, multi-colored goo. My little girl is at the point where she can tell just when I'm about to fall back on my old snot-hating habits. She notices me looking carefully at her nose. She starts waving her arms and turning her head. When she sees a Kleenex or washcloth in my hand, the wailing starts and I think, “So if I do it, I better get it goooood, because there's not going to be a second chance.” When I get it, I feel a little better until I see the look of betrayal on her face as she scampers away with fresh tears and fresh snot running down her face.

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