Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Restaurant Review: Jasmine

Restaurant Review: Jasmine
Stacey Greenberg

Jasmine became my all time favorite restaurant when I was pregnant and craving sour things. (My old favorite, The Memphis Pizza CafĂ©, was giving me major heartburn.) Although listed as a Chinese restaurant, Jasmine has an extensive Thai menu and numerous vegetarian dishes. This is the perfect combination in my opinion. I always order a bowl of hot and sour soup, an eggroll, and either Laap Neu or Yom Tofu. (Sometimes I can’t choose, so I get both.) Laap Neu is a beef dish that has onions, cucumbers, spicy red peppers, and a deliciously sour lime based marinade. Yom Tofu has the same sauce but has tomatoes, cucumbers, mushrooms, onions, and yummy, perfectly crunchy fried tofu squares in it. Both dishes are served cold with white rice. Warren is much more adventurous and always orders something different. He’s been leaning towards stir fries and rice dishes ever since he had a “curry incident.” Marlinee’s usuals are Chicken Pad Thai, Three Flavored Fish, and Yom Tofu (of course!).

OK, I just got really hungry, but I must press forward. In addition to excellent food, Jasmine has the world’s coolest owners. It is run by Mr. and Mrs. Fong and their three college aged children. (I have never actually seen Mr. Fong because he is always busy in the kitchen cooking up fresh, delicious meals.) Mrs. Fong is super sweet and friendly. She also loves children. You can just tell she is going to be the best grandmother ever someday. Her children also love children. When we go to Jasmine, we not only get a great meal, we actually get to eat it. Once the food arrives, Mrs. Fong, or one of her daughters, picks Satchel up and plays with him until we are done eating. I mean, how cool is that? [We usually go early (6:00ish) when they aren’t too busy.]

The prices are great. The food is fresh. So what’s the catch? This restaurant is in BARTLETT! But, I swear, on my Midtown creds, it is worth the drive. You won’t be disappointed!

Jasmine Chinese Restaurant, 3024 Covington Pike, Bartlett, TN 38128 901-386-2974

Ed note: Jasmine is now located in Cooper-Young in Midtown

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