Monday, August 25, 2003

My Perfect Day

My Perfect Day
Kristin McPherson

We all wake up around 9am and walk on down to the funky cafe with outdoor seating. Jim and I get yummy coffee and muffins and the boys share blackberry banana pancakes. They actually let us linger over the paper because some friends of ours are there with their kids. The kids play and the grownups do some chatting.

After our leisurely breakfast we walk on down to the farmers market and pick up fruit and vegetables and bread. When my back is turned Jim buys me flowers. We haul it all back home in our red wagon.

When we get there we head out into the backyard to do some gardening. The kids don't help too much, but they don't hinder either. Jake does some bike riding, the cat suns herself on the patio, Ben digs and the dog sticks by my side like glue.

After a hard mornings work, we sit at the backyard table for some lunch – fresh fruit, crusty bread, hummus and homemade lemonade. Afterwards, Jim takes the boys over to their grandparents. I settle into the hammock that's hanging in the shade with a book. I read a bit then fall asleep.

When I wake up, Jim is back. He's lounging around, reading a book. We, ahem, go do some stuff inside.

Outside again, over to my yoga platform. The one under the tree that filters the sun so it isn't too shady, but isn't too sunny. The one that is surrounded by green and flowers. The one Jim built for me. First I smoke a small joint, then I spend an hour moving and breathing.

After a real savasana, I go inside to take a warm bath with the windows open so I still get a bit of the outdoors. I get all clean and finish up just as the kids come back home with their grandparents. They're staying for dinner, along with my sister and brother-in-law. We grill, we bring out the pasta salad, we relax around the table, and we eat.

After dinner, we all go for an evening stroll. It's still light out as we make our way down to the ocean, but we're able to time it so that we see the sun set on the water by stopping for ice creamcones.

The in laws head home, Jim and I put the kids to bed in their own beds, and they fall asleep quickly and stay asleep. We head to the comfy couch to watch a DVD, something funny or maybe something deep. The dog tries to get on the couch and finally we let her, even though the cat barely tolerates the intrusion.

Then off to the bedroom, a blissfully quiet and private space. Uninterrupted slumber.

Unfortunately, this was a work of fiction.

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