Thursday, November 27, 2003

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home
Sarah Diegl

I had one of those days last Saturday where I fell in love with my town again. It happens a couple of times a year. The day of the first big snow when I go outside and everything is clean and silent and still. The spring day when I drive into town on 250 and I can see the city from above vibrating pale green.

We started out with a trip to the Farmer's market. We got eggs and some kick ass blueberries. We saw at least half a dozen people we know including our midwife. Everyone commented on how beautiful the boy is.

When he went down for his nap I went yard saling. The very first one had exactly what I was looking for: cool cheap vintage stuff. I got some pillow cases and hankies. I washed them and almost all the stains came out. Stop number two yielded an amazing vintage Saks Fifth Ave baby outfit for $2!

I made a quick stop at the Asian market and it was packed. There were lots of people of different backgrounds doing their shopping. It was a nice reminder of how much the diversity of or city is improving.

We went out for lunch downtown and the mall was busy but not annoyingly so. We sat outside and Rhew loved just watching the world go by. I had possibly the best fucking blue cheese burger and fries ever. It was so good I could not even sully it with ketchup. I love ketchup. Passionately. I never go without. That is how amazing this food was. I wish I had another right now. I'm going to dream about this meal. Best part, it's not a fluke. I had the same transcendent burger experience there when I was pregnant.

We then proceeded to Babyfest (a thinly veiled marketing ploy by our local university hospital). Lots of baby related businesses and agencies giving away info and tchotchkes and many booths touting the wonderful afore mentioned hospital where I did not and will not give birth. About five minutes after we got there I won a door prize. A $50 gift certificate for yoga classes. Score. They also had free Ben and Jerry's strawberry ice cream. Double score.

The late afternoon was spent lounging by the baby pool.

To whomever arranged this amazingly kickass day which I badly needed to restore my faith in life being worth living, thanks. Well done.

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