Wednesday, January 15, 2003

Bragging Rights

Bragging Rights
Stacey Greenberg

This is a laundry list of cool things that my hubby has done lately that I feel are worth bragging about!

• Subconsciously dressed himself and Satchel in matching outfits on more than one occasion.

• Caught a rat with his bare hands before it ran into the bedroom where Satchel was sleeping.

• Vacuumed on more than one occasion.

• Made smoothies every morning, sandwiches every afternoon, and homecooked meals every night.

• Gave/Took a bath with Satchel every night for three months.

• Continued to shower the dogs with love, treats, and trips to the park after Satchel’s birth.

• Instead of constantly asking me, “Where’s Olive?” (our cat) he constantly asked, “Did you check Satchel? Is he breathing?”

• Took the afternoon off of work to take me on a date (sushi and a movie) while Satchel was at school.

• Mastered Photoshop.

• Spent two nights making the perfect manicotti for my (pregnant) best friend’s birthday.

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