Saturday, March 10, 2007

Soil Chart

Soil Chart
Stacey Greenberg

Despite claiming that I was going to only do the zine every six months in the last issue, I had really planned to have #15 out by December 15th. Then I broke my leg in two places in my inaugural roller derby bout on December 9th and had to have surgery. But thanks to the miracle of modern medicine, I am almost fully recovered. Read my “Diary of an Injury” on page 36. It doesn’t have all that much to do with parenting, but these days I get as many inquiries about roller derby as I do about my monkeys. (Who, by the way, were extremely sweet while I was injured and unable to do much of anything.)

I am happy to bring to you issue #15, the Memphis issue! For the first time ever, all of the contributors are either from or living in Memphis. This is by no means a comprehensive look at our fine city, but I think it gives a taste of what life is like here. As much as I love shipping this zine off to mamas across the country (and on occasion across the globe), one of my goals in starting this zine was to help build a community of like-minded parents in my very own backyard. After almost five years of parenting, I feel very blessed (as we say in Memphis) to know so many awesome parents. Not only do I know them, I get to see them almost everyday—at school, at the grocery store, at the playground, at my house, etc.
Speaking of…we’re moving! Please note the new address on the back and send all of your packing and organizing tips my way! I plan to have #16 out in a few months. In the meantime visit

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