Saturday, September 9, 2006

Soil Chart

Soil Chart
Stacey Greenberg

I feel like I say this everytime, but cranking this zine out is getting harder and harder! I’ve basically had it done since late May, but I’ve been so busy with Summer vacations, swimming, roller derby, blogging, and writing a near weekly food feature for the Memphis Flyer (a dream come true!) that I was never able to pin Warren down to do the cover. As I write this it still isn’t done, but I am optimistic that if I actually print this out the cover will appear in the near future. (Worst case scenario I recruit Satchel to help out!) I am considering maybe making this a biannual gig. At least for the next issue or so. Roller Derby season is from November to February and I have a feeling I’ll be in the zone.

In the meantime, really try and enjoy this issue! It’s packed full of good stuff. It starts off a little serious, but gets kind of crafty in the middle and ends with a laugh. Thanks to all of my awesome contributors for helping me keep this baby going! If you start to miss Fertile Ground in the long months between now and #15, just log on to and click on the blog link. I update several times a week and post links to my latest published writing. (On my blog you can get all of the details from our 2500 mile road trip, our weekend in St. Louis, Jiro’s near drowning at the Botanic Gardens, Satchel’s wedding cake vandalism, derby news, and more!)

As always, thanks for reading! Send me a letter, an email or a submission! I love hearing from you guys. Have a great summer!

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