Thursday, October 13, 2005

Top Ten Thrill-Seeking Toddler Activities

Top Ten Thrill-Seeking Toddler Activities
Stacey Greenberg

10. Popping bubble wrap. Remember doing this as a kid? It’s still lots of fun! Especially if you lay it on the floor and jump on it while you are wearing your red cowboy boots!

Unrolling a roll of toilet paper. The toilet paper is just begging to be unraveled. It is! And your kids can hear its pleas. Buy a cheap roll or suck up the small cost and let them unroll the whole thing for fun. You can still use (most of) it later! It just won’t be as pretty!

08. Hop on Pop! Can’t get your husband out of bed? Your kid(s) can! You may want to do a brief anatomy lesson and make sure your kids aim for the bladder and not the more delicate features!

07. Cardboard sledding. Sledding can be fun in the summertime too. All you need is a big box, a grassy hill, and good form. Especially fun in groups and on hills that do not lead into traffic!

06. Tandem skateboarding. Kids too young to skateboard? Have your husband hold them in his lap as he maneuvers the board with his buttcheeks! This is especially fun at public parks where other parents can look on in horror! Don’t forget your helmet and knee pads.

05. Water the lawn! Kill two birds with one stone. Turn on the sprinkler and let the kids run through. Or let the kids hold the hose and have your very own wet t-shirt contest.

04. Water the kitchen! Too hot to go outside? Fill up the kitchen sink and let your kids play boats, splash around, or hey, teach them to do the dishes!

03. Build a fort. Boxes, pillows, blankets, tables, chairs, scrap lumber…any old thing will do.

02. Play airplane. Cover the bed with pillows and toss your youngins on top. Or be the coolest parent ever and let them jump on the bed with abandon. (Just make sure they are dirt, sand, and crumb free beforehand. Naked bed jumping/throwing is highly recommended for potty-trained children.)

01. Share a Popsicle/ice cream cone. This can actually pass as a low-key activity full of juicy smiles and puppy-dog licks if you don’t think about the contents of the saliva you are passing back and forth.

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