Thursday, October 13, 2005

Soil Chart

Soil Chart
Stacey Greenberg

Greetings from #11! Sorry this issue is a bit late, but I got a little behind schedule due to the fact that I was on my own again this summer. (Warren was sent to dig up buried treasure in exotic lands—aka the tick infested Mark Twain National Forest) and I was working on Mamaphiles #2 (to order your copy go to My eight-week stint flying solo flew by a lot quicker than my sixteen-week maiden voyage last summer. But I am really happy to have Warren home. Life without daddy is not nearly as fun as life with daddy. Plus, the boys and I were getting awfully tired of eating pasta! Every night!

This issue has a few loose themes running through it—body issues (both mama and baby style) as well as a bit of “Summer Fun.” Since I have literally three vacation days for the rest of the year, we have had to be creative this summer—finding pleasure in the places around us. I’d like to thank all of my contributors, both old and new, for continuing to give me great material! Fertile Ground would be pretty dull without all of the awesome mamas (and two papas) who share their work with me. So mwah! I also wanna thank all of the sweet mamas who took the time to include notes and letters along with their orders telling me how much they enjoy Fertile Ground. I love being stroked, so thank you! Keep the submissions and letters coming!

For those of you who want more Fertile Ground check out my website. Erica Carter keeps it updated and there are links to my blog at Rescue Magazine and my monthly column at Philosophical Mother. I’ve also become a bit of a regular on, so check it out.

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