Thursday, October 13, 2005


Lisa Smith

It was hot, really hot, and humid, but somehow my mother convinced my three-year-old daughter, Tyla, and I to brave the stifling heat and go to the Bronte Spring Harbour Fest.

Tyla wanted to ride the merry-go-round, the train and all the exciting rides in the little midway where there was absolutely no shade at all. I always make sure Tyla has a hat and sunscreen but me... well... I hate sunscreen, and I forgot my rarely worn hat, and was starting to burn.

After Tyla fearlessly climbed the 50 foot high blow-up slide and eventually came down, not so fearlessly, all she wanted to do was bounce in the Moon Walk. Her face turned redder and redder with each bounce. When will the guy working this thing say "times up" I thought to myself. Then I realized Tyla and I were the only ones silly enough to brave the full sun of the Moon Walk. The guy was probably hoping Tyla's squeals of joy would attract some other kids. "Tyla, you have five more minutes then you have to get out," I shouted. Then I decided I was too hot for five more minutes so I went with a bribe "Tyla, I saw a place where you can get a fancy hair-do, you want to go check it out?"

It worked and soon we were settled under the shady tent with the sign, Barbados Hair Braids. I bartered the price of a full head of braids down to something reasonable for a three-year-old, double checked that Tyla was willing to sit still for half an hour, helped her pick out her beads and finally enjoyed some shade.

To the hairdresser’s amazement, Tyla sat still the whole time. She has always loved having her hair played with but I noticed she was staring at the women’s boobs that were at her eye level! Tyla has always been an avid boob girl, nursing at least every 3 hours until she was eighteen months old.

After she was finished getting her hair done, she exclaimed, "They had really big boobies mama, beautiful boobies.”

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