Friday, September 3, 2004

A Weekend Alone To Do List

A Weekend Alone To Do List
Rebecca Ryan Hunter

I’m 30+ weeks pregnant and my husband took my two-year-old to his mom's for the weekend. I have so many things I want to do - I can barely think of it all.

· I want to be gluttonously alone.

· I want to savor every moment, knowing it won't likely happen again for 2 more years.

· I want to sit on the toilet without the door flying open.

· I want to take a bath.

· I want to wander the East Village for hours, eating scones and looking at stuff.

· I want to go to a bookstore without a list and just sit and look at books that aren't carboard or start with the words "Touch and Feel." (Unless that bookstore is the book section of Toys in Babeland, in which case Touch and Feel is fine.)

· I want to see a movie. Any movie.

· I want to leave a knife on the counter.

· I want to sleep in the middle of the bed.

· I want to get a manicure/pedicure and let the polish dry 100% without worrying that my gluttony will impede on my family time.

· I want to walk out the door without a watch tomorrow (whenever I wake up) and find someplace to eat, then wander to the movie, then wander home, maybe stop somewhere, maybe watch pigeons, maybe come right home. You know. WHATEVER THE FUCK I WANT.

I think that ALL mothers should get two days now and again when SOMEONE ANYONE PLEASE DEAR G-D takes the kid(s) out of the house. And they can be alone. And do whatever they want. There oughta be a law.

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