Friday, September 3, 2004

Soil Chart

Soil Chart
Stacey Greenberg

Dang, getting this issue out was HARD. Between having a newborn, a two-year-old, and a husband who’s been out of town for three weeks (and counting), I wasn’t sure if this was going to happen. My “free” time seems to come in five to ten minute spurts these days, but I guess they add up, because here it is, lucky #7!

Inside you will find lots-o-good stuff as usual, including my birth story. I’m also proud to bring you new essays from your old favorites—Ashley, Kristy, Andria, Adrienne, and Laura, as well as some great stuff from FG newbies Marrit Ingman and Andrea Butler-Donato. (I couldn’t get Marlinee to write anything this time, although she did offer to take credit for “Dirty Looks.”)

And due to popular demand I am going to run some copies of all the Fertile Ground back issues. Probably just 25 of each so get ‘em while they’re hot. I am charging $3 per issue rather than $2 cuz I’m on maternity leave and have no paychecks in sight. (Not that this zine is making me rich or anything—I do it for the fame.) In addition, I have set up some Cafepress shops to sell Fertile Ground merchandise. You can now get your favorite cover on a t-shirt, greeting card, or journal. Cafepress is an online service that ships to order. They charge a base price and I only added a $1 for my trouble, so I’m not getting rich off of the merchandise either—they are! To get more info on back issues and merchandise, see the back section of this issue or log onto and click “zine scene.”

In other news, Satchel was a big hit as Elvis, thanks to Warren’s weeklong quest to make the perfect costume. We’re hoping it still fits by Halloween, although if current trends are any indicator (his new ruby slippers acquired at his cousin’s house) he may well be Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.

As always, thanks for reading, tell your friends, and send me some love letters when you get a chance. I’m also always interested in getting submissions from my readers. Contact me at

Until next time…yawn…

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