Friday, September 3, 2004

Barbie Décor

Barbie Décor
Ashley Harper

Barbie’s house and furnishings don’t have to be all plastic, pink and expensive. Here are some groovy ideas for recycled Barbie stuff.

· Burt’s Bee’s lip gloss box wrapped in origami print = footstool or gift

· Dirty Girl perfume box inside out and taped together = flowery hall bench, or make a slit in an edge for a winter chest to store Barbie’s ski boots

· Wine corks colored with fat markers = bolster pillows

· Old eighties plastic bracelets = hoola hoops

· Empty tissue boxes with cool prints = coffee table, or shorten a tall box for a useful kitchen island

· Cotton balls = who needs a Barbie mommy? Stuff these in her miniskirt.

· Cocktail umbrellas = duh…

· Pebbles, sand or shells = Zen garden, or help Skipper make a seashore diorama for school with the cast off cardboard from the tissue box

· Top from empty bottle of laundry detergent = even Barbie needs a dirty clothes basket

· Q-tips = augment the ends with cotton balls, Barbie will beef up those biceps in no time

· Folded gift cards = literary Barbie

· Goldfish crackers = scrunch up some blue felt, and voila, a soothing pond of coy

Just take a peek in the pantry or the medicine cabinet. You’ll be surprised just how many divans and throw pillows are there.

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