Saturday, April 3, 2004

Soil Chart

Soil Chart
Stacey Greenberg

I know I said in #5 that #6 would have my second birth story, but once I actually sat down and did the math, I realized that would make #6 really late. Plus once I have baby #2, I imagine I’ll need a little time to regroup. So, I give you #6 with a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean) essay as well as an essay on why one mama is choosing to have a second Cesarean. This issue also features two fabulous perspectives on gay marriage as well as a children’s story by Hilary Flower and a beautiful essay by one of my favorite online writer mamas, Traci Burns. Plus lots of other great stuff!

Since the last issue I have been on a writing frenzy. I wrote about 20 essays and could have easily filled up this issue by myself. But, I decided to spare you and sent most of my essays out with the hope that they might get published by some “glossier” publications. I’m happy to say that you can see my essay “Synchro Mama” in the upcoming family issue of Clamor magazine, and I’m pretty sure that “Sex and the Cosleeper” will be in the next issue of Mamalicious. Online, I’m in the process of getting a few essays published at the new

But enough about me, Warren is busy too. He is becoming upper dad before my eyes. He took Satchel to his office one day when Satchel was getting over a stomach bug, and not only got him to nap there, he got his work done too! Warren has also completed construction on the backyard fence, started designing motorcycle parts, and begun planting our garden. Satchel is becoming Mr. Personality. He has been dubbed the Casanova of his class at his new Montessori school and is slated to play Elvis in the school play.

We are busy making our final preparations before welcoming the new baby into our family. Not knowing the sex is driving me mad, but as much as I want to know, I’m glad that I don’t. After a year of being pregnant, I am really ready to not be pregnant for awhile, even though I’m scared silly to officially be the mother of two. Until then, I’m going to do my best to get this sucker printed and ready to go, however, I am having visions of the midwives helping me fold and staple between contractions. See ya in #7!

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