Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Zine Recommendations

Zine Recommendations
Stacey Greenberg

Caryatid Rises #4 (Hope) by Gaynor Taylor is the best zine I have read in a long time. “Caryatid Rises” is usually filled with good information and eye opening statistics, but this issue is a dialogue between Gaynor and Marilou Awiakta (author of Selu: Seeking the Corn Mother’s Wisdom) that will not only fill you with hope, but make you smile bigger than you have in awhile and maybe even cry. I want everyone I know to read this zine! In addition to the dialogue there are exceprts of Awiakta’s poems, a beautiful hand stamp, and a wonderful intro by Gaynor. Send $3 to: Caryatid Rises, P.O. Box 380431, Cambridge, MA 02238.

Hathor the Cowgoddess by Heather Cushman-Dowdee is a radical breastfeeding zine filled with hilarious drawings and wit. Hathor is suddenly everywhere you look—in Mothering, on the Internet, and even in “Fertile Ground”! You can get Hathor free in your inbox by emailing hathor@radicalmom.net or have the full zine delivered to your house by subscribing for $14/year at www.hathorthecowgoddess.com. You can even get a Hathor t-shirt!

Mamalicious by Catherine Levy and Candace Walsh arrived on my doorstep today and blew me away. I don’t know if it can be called a zine, it is so fancy pants and professional. It looks like a “real” magazine but is way better. It is chock full of interesting essays, reviews, interviews, poems, cartoons, pictures, and more. I highly recommend getting a subscription so that these awesome mamas can put this zine out for years to come (and eventually put me on their staff). Get a sneak peak at www.mamalicious.com and get the real deal by sending $18 for 4 issues to: 1211A Agua Fria St., Sante Fe, NM 87501.

Motherevolution by Jen Bryant is a new zine that I really loved. Jen’s goal is to break the silence around motherhood and talk about conflicted feelings, domestic abuse, miscarriage, etc. This zine is a collection of essays and photos by ten different mamas, all with their own unique voice. The essay “Ending a Nightmare: Surviving Domestic Violence” by Leanne Stepp was especially poignant. To get your copy contact Jen at fuzzy_logic77@hotmail.com.
Still Life with Pear by Larissa is full of new experiences, old experiences, thoughts, ideas, rantings, artwork, and anything else that flows through her mind. Larissa hopes to appeal to parents and non-parents alike. I really enjoyed the fact that this zine started off with an old story of her and her friends getting drunk and attempting to do a beer enema. Interested? Email larissa_lp@yahoo.com.

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